How does distant healing work?

What do we mean by distant healing?
While the word healing usually refers to energy work of some kind – spiritual healing, Reiki etc – I will use it here to cover any kind of alternative therapy. So, whether you are receiving Reiki, Bowen Technique, massage or any other kind of therapy, it can be performed either one-to-one (ie, the clinical situation of therapist working directly on or with the patient, in the same room) or at a distance (working from a different room, a different town, a different country or even a different continent).

Is there any science to support distant healing?
The theory of Quantum Physics (properly called Quantum Mechanics, or QM) examines the behaviour of sub-atomic particles, typically less than 1 billionth of a metre apart. It has been around since the 1600s, when Isaac Newton and others started discussing ideas behind the linked behaviour of certain objects.

While most QM theory relates to behaviour of particles extremely small distances apart, one outstanding difference is entangled pairs, where two or more objects show matching behaviour despite being extremely large distances apart. Quantum theory says that everything vibrates and when two electrons are close together they will vibrate in unison and match behaviour. If they are then separated, they still respond in equal manner and magnitude and are known as an entangled pair.

In the 1920s and 30s various scientists helped progress workable QM theories, including Einstein who concluded that entangled pairs were ‘spooky action at a distance’ – a very glib conclusion for one of the greatest thinkers of his time!

Swiss psychologist Carl jung described ‘synchronicity’ in the 1920s as two objects reacting in similar fashion with no obvious connected cause, although he didn’t describe it in detail until the 1950s.

From the early 70s, ten years of pioneering research between NASA scientists and energy workers to measure the human energy field (HEF) inspired a book called “How the hippies saved physics” (David Kaiser). John Stewart Bell showed that entangled pairs had huge potential for long-distance communications. This even caught the interest of the CIA, who also worked with Uri Geller and other psychics to ‘test’ ESP. The US Navy also ran experiments in ‘remote viewing’ from 1972-1995.
In the last ten years scientists have performed various experiments which measured simultaneous response to a stimulus in each photon, at distances up to 90 miles.

How can distant healing happen?
We now have plenty of ideas and evidence for two objects connecting and reacting simultaneously. The scientists are using lasers and satellites, but what if we don’t need expensive machines to set up the stimulus? What if we can do that ourselves?

We often talk about being in harmony with a person, having a good vibe about someone or resonating well with them. What if that is more than just a phrase? When we empathise with someone, we are tuning in to their state of mind or emotion.

What if we can make our whole energy field vibrate at the right frequency to combine with the client’s and become an entangled pair of entities? Surely this would give the connection to be able to send them distant healing? By the way, I offer no further evidence or mechanisms for distant healings actually working – this is as far as I have got myself – but I do know the evidence of my own eyes, and those of my clients.

What is the reality?
There are plenty of therapists who are able to make a connection to someone and send them healing. My own personal method is as follows. I don’t even need to know the recipient’s name, somebody might just ask me to send some healing to their son, or mother, or a friend.

I make a few minutes’ space to sit down and relax. I use the phrase “I send this healing to X’s son” (or mother, or friend) and picture the person concerned in my mind’s eye. I can often ‘feel’ where the problem is coming from, so do the necessary work to release it. This may be energy work, or I will visualise performing the relevant Bowen Technique moves over the figure in my mind’s eye.

I can usually feel the energy releasing from an area and know when it is clear. The client often reports a shift as strong as if I had worked on them in person. Some have even felt the Bowen moves as I do them.

I once sent Reiki to a lady to calm her in preparation for a fitness assessment the next day, using the phrase “You feel calm and confident and relaxed” and she reported back to me (the day after passing her test with flying colours) that she had never felt so calm and confident. Well, two out of three isn’t bad!

Distant treatments also have other plus points – the client doesn’t have to travel (good news if they are in pain or immobile), also they can usually be performed in a shorter time so I charge less – another good reason to give it a try!

What else do I need to know?
There is not much to add really – book in for a treatment, I will do it, and you will usually feel a difference. I say usually, because some people come in for a physical treatment and don’t always feel an immediate change.

If after three weeks you really feel you derived no benefit I will refund your money – simple as that.

As ever, I am happy to discuss this further so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions – or would like to book in!

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