Bowen Technique

Ton Bowen, creatore of the Bowen Technique - pain relief, posture problemsBowen Technique was developed in Australia during the 1960′s and 70′s by a man named Tom Bowen. He was keen on sports and became interested in sports injuries, more specifically which techniques the physios and trainers of the day used to treat them, and which ones did and didn’t work. From his observations he developed a system of soft tissue manipulations which is able to treat the large majority of problems.

Although originally designed to realign the body to how nature intended it so that physical mobility was restored, it was subsequently noticed that these physical realignments then encouraged the body to recitify other dysfunctional bodily systems, either because the physical realignment had freed up a system’s path (eg trapped nerves, restricted blood supply) or because the correct stimulation was now present for body systems to function correctly.

This means that a procedure to treat, say, back pain may also contribute to reducing oedema (swelling) of the legs, clear headaches, and ease or clear knee or hip pain.

Although I have had excellent results using Massage and Reiki – on myself and on clients – I firmly believe that Bowen Technique will be the treatment of choice for clients who have a distinct injury or other problem, rather than those who come for ‘luxury’ reasons, eg a nice soothing massage.

As ever, you, the client, will choose what you feel you need, but I am sure you will miss out if you don’t try Bowen Technique at least once – and once you’ve tried it, you will want it again!

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“After the first two or three treatments from Adam I was amazed that I was pain free for the first time in years.”
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