Chair Massage

Chair Massage - Farnborough, Aldershot, Fleet, Camberley, Hampshire, SurreyYears ago, chair massage was mainly used to gain attention at exhibitions or to promote events. Nowadays, many people are introduced to chair massage when a therapist is brought into an office to treat the staff, typically as a staff benefit or sales reward. It is still ideal for promoting events or for fund-raising.

The client remains fully clothed and sits in a special chair (see photo) which allows the therapist to address problems arising from office work and modern sedentary lifestyles. No oils or creams are used but techniques tend to be deeper to get through the clothing.

Special techniques – taken from Swedish massage, shiatsu and others – allow the therapist to give the maximum effect in the shortest time. Just one 20-minute treatment can give immediate, tangible benefits.

Chair Massage has been shown to increase concentration and clarity of mind, while decreasing stress, fatigue and the effects of various RSI problems.

By reducing muscular tension it helps regain upper body mobility very quickly, so is perfect for sports people such as golfers, track & field athletes and others, for offsetting excessive gym work, and relaxing and re-energising office workers.

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