Relaxation Massage

The main focus of relaxation massage is to ease the tension in the body sufficiently that the mind will follow suit. If the mind is at ease, deep sleep will come easily and allow the body to heal and repair itself. You can see your body relaxing under the therapist’s hands… you can feel the tension slipping out of your muscles… almost hear your body sigh with relief as relaxation is restored.

Relaxation massage usually contains slower, longer strokes and movements of the hands to stretch and soothe the muscles. These moves help relax the muscles and clear the waste products from where the muscles have been working, allowing fresh blood to bring oxygen and nutrients to those areas. This in turn regenerates the cells in those areas, promoting a feeling of overall well-being and improving the functioning of the body.

Essential oils (the essences of various tress, plants and herbs) can heighten the benefit of any treatment. Typical oils for relaxation include flowers or herbs for stress (Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram), resins for letting go of emotional and physical tension (Frankincense, Rosemary) and for grounding (Patchouli). The mix will be blended to suit the client being treated – for example, a male client would usually want a more ‘earthy’ scent than a lady client may prefer.

Some soothing music reinforces the fact you are not in the office or doing the housework, and heightens the feelings of being in your own space, getting back in touch with your underlying self. On a subtle mental level, taking time out to truly relax is not selfish but honouring yourself, valuing yourself as a human being and giving yourself the respect you deserve. Only at these times do we feel truly relaxed.

Other aspects of the body may also function more freely – it is very common for problems with digestion, cold hands or feet, hormonal problems and others to diminish after a relaxation treatment.  This is because although the cause for these problems may be related to physical tension from an accident or postural problems, any mental or emotional stress will tighten the muscles further and make the symptoms worse. Releasing the muscles allows the emotional stress to slip away too.

Time is always allowed to assess the client after the treatment, let them drink a glass of water and be safe to drive home.

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