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Trigger Point Massage

When muscles become overworked for any reason – poor posture (sitting at a laptop), accident (car crash or fall), lifting something (too heavy, or just awkwardly) – a muscle can go into spasm. Once spasm has entered a muscle, it only has two states – Active, when it is causing pain, and Dormant, when it hasn’t gone away but is merely sleeping…. and waiting to bite you again when you overwork that muscle!

This spasm is known as a Trigger Point. When we rub a painful spot, do some gentle stretches, apply a heat pack or stand under a hot shower, we are merely treating the symptoms of the trigger point. Many therapies also ease the symptoms but do not address the underlying cause, so sooner or later the pain ‘comes back’ – the spasm has gone from Dormant back to Active stage – and you need treatment again. Sound familiar?

Most pain in the body is caused by trigger points – back pain, shoulder pain, headaches and migraines. They are also behind restricted movement (frozen shoulder), muscle weakness (difficulty climbing the stairs, poor grip), and a lot of what doctors refer to as ‘nerve pain’, e.g. sciatica and tingling in the first finger and thumb.

Surgery can often cause trigger points, when the clamps used to hold muscles out of the way are pulling too tight and cause an over-stretch trigger point, much like whiplash from a car accident. Something is now fixed but you have swapped one pain for another!

When treating trigger points, the pain really does feel like it is melting away. The tension causing the pain can clear very rapidly and you can feel the difference within minutes. Client and therapist work together to identify the site of the pain and determine how much has cleared.

The treatment leaves your body pain-free and restores full strength and mobility to the area, meaning you do not have to come back each time you work that part of your body.

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