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I have always been interested in people – who they are, how they behave and more recently, what makes them ill and what keeps them healthy.

I first considered a career change after visiting an osteopath in the late 80s. In 30 minutes I went from being barely able to move, to having more bodily mobility than I remembered for years. I marvelled at how good it must be to help people so absolutely, so quickly, and entirely naturally – without any medication or pills at all.

After an increasingly stressful life in IT, in 2007 I decided I had to put my own health first so followed up on my original Reiki training from the mid-90s to gain my Practitioner Level certificate.

From sport, I already knew the benefits of massage and realised that Reiki and Massage complemented each other very well.

I then trained in Bowen Technique, treating similar problems to osteopathy and chiropractic but using a very soft touch – working with the body to release tight muscles gently, rather than pushing things back into place.

Finally, I increasingly use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to release the emotional stresses people carry which cause the deeper pain in our bodies and lead to serious problems such as auto-immune conditions.

I combine any or all of the above to give gentle treatments, meaning you don’t have to go through more pain to release the pain that is already troubling you.

Please contact me about your situation, I have experience with patients from babies to the elderly and the first consult is absolutely free.

Contact Me on 01252 596678 or click the button below to send me a message and organise an initial consultation.

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My Qualifications:

I trained in Usui Reiki in the mid-90s with Richard Paterson, finally pursuing it to Practitioner Level (2007) and then Reiki Master (2010) with Ros Hurst of Farnham More about my Reiki work here

My ITEC Level 3 qualification in Holistic Massage and Pregnancy Massage training was under Ina Jansen at the School of Natural Therapies in Richmond.

Additional massage training has been there and at Alison Perrott’s SEED Institute in Ash – theseedinstitute.co.uk).

In 2008 I trained with Ellen Cobb of Farnborough – ellen-cobb.co.uk to gain my Practitioner Certificate in Bowen Technique. I have also attained Advanced and Master level certificates with Ellen and Ossie and Elaine Rentsch of the Bowen Academy of Australia (BAA).

I am a Member of, and insured through, the Federation of Holistic Therapists (www.fht.org.uk), and a member of both the Bowen Association UK (www.bowen-technique.co.uk) and the UK Reiki Federation (UK Reiki Fed).

Since early 2011 I have donated regular time to Phylis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham. This has shown me how an apparently simple act such as foot or hand massage can bring about huge benefits to people. They rely on around 700 volunteers to keep the hospice running and I encourage you to support the hospice in any way possible – pth.org),

Finally, I am proud to be one of The Best Of Farnham – thebestof.co.uk/farnham.

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“After years of sedentary lifestyle, spending most of the work day driving cars to meetings or sitting behind a desk, I was suffering from back pain almost continuously. This meant I was uncomfortable standing, sitting or lying down for any length of time. I reached a crisis point four years ago when I suffered spasms after a particular exertion. This involved an ambulance trip to hospital and injections, anti-inflammatories and morphine. This happened three times over a four-year period and on the last occasion I was housebound and bedridden for a three-month period. Traditional treatments had a very limited benefit and some of the drugs given to me had serious side effects. After the first two or three treatments from Adam I was amazed that I was pain free for the first time in years. I was somewhat sceptical after having had the problem for so long but I would strongly recommend Adam’s treatments to anyone.”​