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Keith came to me because he was having migraines. His job as an IT Analyst involves long hours at a PC, often using a laptop under less than ideal conditions. This, coupled with tight deadlines, means he was stressed physically (awkward seating and poor laptop ergonomics) and mentally (time pressures, poor working conditions). On the day of his treatment he had had a migraine all week. Bowen Technique is a very gentle therapy which ‘switches off’ those muscles which have gone into constant spasm from over-use or abuse. Keith had only been treated for some 10 minutes when he felt his migraine clearing. By the end of the session, he was looking forward to enjoying his weekend. Because the nature of his job doesn’t change this is an ongoing programme. As his migraines don’t always strike when he can reach me, I have shown Keith some non-Bowen self-treatment techniques so he can do a ‘field treatment’ until such time as he can reach me for a more complete session.

Keith says: “My job involves many hours working on a laptop, resulting in stiff neck and shoulders and often leading to a migraine. Adam has used Bowen Technique to cure my shoulder problems and acupressure to clear particularly bad migraines.”

Keith, Male,52
Chris had chronic back problems for the last ten years. It compromised every aspect of his life – work, home, social and play. As a director of a large corporation this was untenable. Three days after Chris attended his first Bowen Technique session he phoned to say he’d just realised he had enjoyed two days free of back pain. Because of the complete absence of pain he hadn’t realised it had completely gone! Further sessions enabled him to go about life without having to consult with his body beforehand as to whether a particular action was going to bring him, literally, to his knees.

Chris says: After years of sedentary lifestyle, spending most of the work day driving cars to meetings or sitting behind a desk, I was suffering from back pain almost continuously. This meant I was uncomfortable standing, sitting or lying down for any length of time. I reached a crisis point four years ago when I suffered spasms after a particular exertion. This involved an ambulance trip to hospital and injections, anti-inflammatories and morphine. This happened three times over a four-year period and on the last occasion I was housebound and bedridden for a three-month period. Traditional treatments had a very limited benefit and some of the drugs given to me had serious side effects. After the first two or three treatments from Adam I was amazed that I was pain free for the first time in years. I was somewhat sceptical after having had the problem for so long but I would strongly recommend Adam’s treatments to anyon

Chris, Male, 51