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Relaxation & Remedial Massage

Introduction to Therapeutic Massage
If your body is refusing to co-operate when putting your coat on, standing up from a chair or reaching out to lift the shopping from the car…. if you can’t turn your head properly to look at someone, have trouble climbing the stairs, or can’t play a tennis or golf shot with accuracy or power, you probably need a remedial massage.

We exercise muscles by contracting them. When an athlete exercises, they stretch afterwards to bring the muscles back to their natural length. We do not consider day to day activities such as sitting for long periods driving, at a desk etc, as exercise but we are holding muscles tight for much of this time. If we stretched regularly during the day we would have far fewer problems than we do.

Remedial massage is a blend of Swedish massage and special techniques that help the muscles let go of their tension and stretch back to their proper length, regaining strength and allowing the full natural range of movement.

The benefits of remedial massage include easier movement of the neck and shoulders, releasing a frozen shoulder, clearing leg cramps and restless legs and more. Remedial massage may also improve conditions such as cold hands or feet, digestive problems, breathing problems and hormonal imbalance.

Massage is an effective way to address many problems we face in our lives and the different types of massage are outlined on the other pages here.

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An Introduction to Massage

How does massage work?
Because massage stimulates the blood and lymph systems it provides nutrients to the whole body cell by cell and helps remove the waste products from a cellular level upwards. Massage also stimulates the nervous system, activates the body’s natural healing abilities and promotes a general sense of well being.

Massage can be used to relax or uplift, depending on how it is applied. The massage we use is based on Swedish massage, and we can also incorporate essential oils to heighten the required effect.

On an everyday basis massage can be used to relieve tired or aching limbs, ease pregnancy aches and pains, help repair sports, repetitive strain and other injuries, ease aching neck and shoulders from modern situations involving prolonged sitting (driving, desk work or incapacity), or just as a general relief from the hectic pace of modern life.

What can I expect in a Massage treatment?
After a discussion of the treatment required, the client will normally undress to their underpants and lay face down on a treatment couch. The only part of the client’s body to be exposed is the part currently being massaged, and that is the only area where there will be contact between the therapist and client. Half way through the massage the client will turn over onto their back for the remainder of the session.

It is not unusual for a client to feel disoriented after a massage, so we allow plenty of time for the client to leave the couch, get dressed, and have a glass of water. We provide after-care advice to ensure the client gets the full benefit from their treatment as it continues to work for up to 10 days afterwards.

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More About Massage

Types of Massage
There are different types of massage offering different therapeutic benefits to different symptoms. Below is an outline of what you can expect and links to further resources on my website.

Relaxation Massage
Even with the best of intentions, we tend to abuse our body’s abilities on a regular basis. We sit in the same position for hours on end while driving, at a PC, using a laptop or simply reading while on the train. Tensions accrue and we don’t stretch often enough to release them. This is where the massage therapist is able to do the job for us, ‘catching up’ on what we should be doing ourselves. The massage requires undressing and takes place on a massage table. A combination of stretching and loosening techniques and passive exercises soon have our bodies working the way they were designed to.

Remedial Massage
This addresses muscular problems incurred in day to day life, as well as sporting and other pastimes. This massage also requires undressing and takes place on a massage table. Advanced massage techniques can correct the way muscles have become corrupted in their positioning or functioning, leaving us able to move freely again.

Chair Massage (On-Site Massage)
This is mostly provided to the corporate market, however, it is suitable for individual treatments too. OSM is widely recognised as essential by any company that is concerned with employee welfare. The massage takes place on a specially-shaped chair which allows the therapist to access all the main areas where stress and tension accumulate. The benefits to staff are almost instant and long-lasting. Minimal space requirements and no need for undressing, oils or creams mean this is fast to set up and implement. The costs are recouped many times over in increased staff productivity and well-being, and through reduced fatigue, absenteeism and staff turnover. It also helps mitigate corporate responsibility for employee stress and RSI problems.

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